Golden Girl - Fallen Gods & !Bang & Analog Dog

Hi all. One of my favourite skins from Fallen Gods is on sale at 50% off at We <3 Roleplay. This is over at the end of this month so I would hurry if you want this as you only have a few days left. As well you can get this curly hair style - it is long and goddess-like at the back at the same event. The pose is also from this event by !Bang - one of the Huntress set of poses.  The dress and jewelry are from On A Lark - part of the 30L Saturday Event from last week.

Fallen Gods: Onyrica - Ethos Gold 50% of at We <3 Roleplay
Analog Dog (AD) - nightingale - blacks We <3 Roleplay 200L
On a Lark: *OAL* Helena ~ Snow NEW RELEASE 30L on special last weekend; *OAL* Helena Bangles & Collar 30L on special last weekend now 250L for dress and 100L for jewelry
Bang! Huntress Pose set - 150L  We <3 Roleplay