We Love Role Play - Arwen's Creations & Fallen Gods - The Making of a Goddess

Hi all. We <3 Role-Play Event is great again this round and Arwen's Creations has released another really wonderful gown - The Tiye gown. The namesake of this gown is Queen Tiye, who was the Great Royal Wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Many of the sculptures of the couple show them holding hands, or touching each other, and she was considered very influential during his reign. When her husband died however she lost power, until her son elevated her to a goddess, and she could again be considered important enough to be a trusted advisor. The gown is gorgeous, and whiter than in my golden toned pictures. Matching hood with veil and shoes are also available at the main store. During the We <3 Role-Play Event  the gown is 33% off. 
Fallen Gods has also released two sets of skins for the We <3 Role-Play Event on the theme of  Gods and Goddesses. Two of them are Egyptian themed - one male, one female, and two (which I hope to show you later) are Norse-based.

 Arwen's Creations: Tiye Gown We <3 Role-Play Event
 (matching slippers and headdress w/ veil also available at the main store)
Fallen Gods: Anka We <3 Role-Play Event
{Dead Apples}: Thunder Eyes: Copper The Arcade - June 25L a play

Aibeat *Ney * Black 
Poses: Tribute - Wicca Merlin