We Love Role-Play Event - Arwen's Creations - Nakooma's Tears

Hi all. More lovelies from the  We <3 Role-Play Event. Arwen Serpente of Arwen's Creations has out for sale a gorgeous native american style role playing gown in mesh and matching mocassins. As usual her crafting is masterful. The turquoise jewelry and belt are southwestern in style and very well done - perfect for Western role playing. (Note: I have gotten many compliments when wearing this.)

The tears are in memory of the thousands of North American indigenous people who were forced to relocate to reservations in the 18th and 19th century, often at great loss of life and enormous pain and suffering. 

{Arwen's Creations} Nakooma Gown - Rigged MESH + Sculpt Accessories
{Arwen's Creations} Nakooma Moccasins
Both at the We <3 Role-Play Event.
EMO-tions: Aradia hair, Mesh & flexi NEW RELEASE
Skin: MODISH: MYA Group Gift Skin - FREE two tones  (10L to join)

Poses: Del May