Key of Hope Hunt - Part Two - Fallen Gods & ~Elvenbreath~

Hi all. Key of Hope Hunt Part 2 courtesy of Mad Peas and the Fantasy Faire 2013  is now open (as of May 3rd running until May 19th). If you already have a HUD all you have to do is Teleport to the Vally of Ish'Nar and wear your old HUD and then click the Treasure box on the old HUD to activate the 2nd part. If you need to purchase a new HUD because you didn't do Part One, a Part Two HUD is available for a minimum donation of 150L (all proceeds go to Relay for Life).

Staring Location is here: 

I suggest you join the Fantasy Faire group OR the Mad Peas group as lots of questions are being answered if you find yourself hung up along the way. It is a fun but sometimes challenging hunt!

Lots of great prizes on this one - 51 in total from many of the great creators at Fantasy Faire 2013.

Top Photo: Fallen Gods - Spirit Face Tattoo Key of Hope Part 2 gift
Top & Bottom Photo: ~Elvenbreath~ Huntgift Sarya Key of Hope Part 2 gift
Wasabi Pills: NEW RELEASE Selene Faded (Whites pack)
Skin: Whatz: Vanitas Nuit Deep 1
Sterling Artistry: Enticing Eyes CAPTIVATION GREEN 10L weekly special
Slink Hands mesh hands & feet
Pose: Del May