Fantasy Faire 2013 is Here!! The Plastik Free Low Lag Outfits

Hi all. Fantasy Faire 2013 is open. SL is having some purchasing & inventory issues so I have been wandering around and making my list, after having some things not delivered (as of noon April 20th, 2013). So make a list and then come back for now - but there are so many gorgeous things to see. The Faire is open now and runs until April 28th, 2013.

Fantasy Faire 2013 is a Relay for Life event and the money that you donate when you purchase a Relay for Life item goes to cancer research and treatment. You get both wonderful fantasy items by outstanding creators & also donate to help those struggling with this terrible disease.  There are 9 lovely sims to explore and spend times at. There is also a Key of Hope Quest which will be partly held on the Valley of IshNar Sim.

This year the low lag free outfits were designed by Vae (Aikea Rieko) of The Plastik. These can be found at all entry points. Her store is on the Evensong Woods Sim. They are really lovely.

:[P]:-Fantasy Faire Low Lag Avatar- Mermaid Free at Fantasy Faire 2013

:[P]:-Fantasy Faire Low Lag Avatar- Khulthi Free at Fantasy Faire 2013
Poses by Del May
Images taken at Crimson Fields Sim Fantasy Faire 2013

Location Info: 
The central hub of the faire is here: Fairelands Junction

Direct Sim SLURL's:

Sim Sponsor: Fallen Gods

Sim Sponsor: Trident

Sim Sponsor: Roawenwood

Sim Sponsor: Cerridwen's Cauldron

Sim Sponsor: Arcanum

Sim Sponsor: Solarium

Sim Sponsor: The Looking Glass

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