Fantasy Faire 2013 - [Gauze] & [][]Trap[][]

Hi all. Great things to be had on the Titan's Hollow sim at Fantasy Faire 2013. Gauze has a NEW RELEASE skin and I am showing their Relay for Life item - very cool shoulder accessories Fenrir Pauldrons. [][]Trap[][] is also on the Titan's Hollow sim and I picked up these great horns and am showing their Spiked pants. As well my favourite eye maker Sterling Artistry is on the Titan's Hollow sim and Fantavatar & Moonstruck

[Gauze] Fenrir Pauldrons - Relay for Life Fantasy Faire Item (colour changing HUD)
[][]Trap[][] Basic Blend Horns 
[][]Trap[][] Spiked Pants
Hair: [Gauze] Apsu Full Pack (matches [][]Trap[][]  horns)
[Gauze] UV Skin / Meteo and Intensity/Meteo tattoo
Luas Camisk Roses Black old hunt gift (they are on Luminaria)
Shoes: Fantavatar & Moonstruck - Arabian- Green & Gold
Sterling Artistry_DragonEyes_RegalGaze_FF2013-Exclusive (my favourite eye shop) 85L
Pose: Del May
ha - was laggy and I forgot to put on my ears!!