Fantasy Faire 2013 Ends Tormorrow - Sterling Artistry - Medusa

Hi all. My favourite eye maker in SL Silverr Andel of Sterling Artistry has a new release Diabolique eyes - am giving you a peek of one. Silverr describes them as: "creepy and nonhuman for your alien or daemonic needs." Yes. They are awesome. These are only available at the Fantasy Faire, and then will be released in his store. These are new eyes in mesh and prim versions. 
As well he has released 5 pairs of eyes that are Fantasy Faire 2013 exclusives - as well these are mesh & prim eyes in the pack. They are only 85L and exclusive and while all are lovely, 3 of them are a must have for unusual eye lovers.  Sterling Artistry is on the Titan's Hollow sim.

Top Picture:
Sterling Artistry: DiaboloqueEyesGore NEW RELEASE for Fantasy Faire 2013
Boudoir: Medusa Hair SL Marketplace Boudoir is on the Evensong Woods Sim
Fallen Gods: Draco Moonlight/Mithril (RFL Fatpack of 4 Draco: Moonlight skins for 1700L) Fallen Gods is on the Magnificat sim
The Plastik: [P]:-Vandariel Armor:// Midnight NEW RELEASE for Fantasy Faire 2013 on the Evensong Woods Sim

Bottom Picture:
Sterling Artistry (top right) Dragon Eyes Regal Gaze Special for Fantasy afire only 85L
Sterling Artistry (bottom right) Komodo Eyes: Wisdom Sage 85L
Sterling Artistry (left) Diaboloique Eyes: Putrid Special for Fantasy afire only 85L
Skin: The Plastik: [P]:-The Arkasia Mermaid Skin: Electre NEW RELEASE for Fantasy Faire 2013, Evensong Woods Sim
Hair: Underscore Harlequin hair Realistic Basic Mix also on SL Marketplace