On a Lark - 25L Tuesday & The Gorean Room

Hi all. I am liking On a Lark quite a bit lately so find myself frequently checking out their Tuesday and Saturday 25L and 30L specials. Not many designers put their NEW RELEASES on special like this - and they do and they are mesh. As well I am adoring their mesh skirts for dancing etc. they have a nice swoosh when you wear the alpha layers. Oh I also am wearing the NEW RELEASE Fallen Gods skin - Materica - Aureum which I love - and will also do a separate blog post on. The skin seems planetary to me...ergo Mars...

On a Lark: Burlap Bond ~ Snow Mesh, more than one size provided (in various colours)  25L on Tuesday (also comes with a shawl not shown)
Fallen Gods: Materica - Aureum NEW RELEASE available at the Around the World Event
/Wasabi Pills/ Kylee Mesh Hair - Seafoam - Blonds Pack 250L
On a Lark: Burlap ~ Blossom MESH, more than one size provided 70L (also comes with a blouse not shown) at the Gorean Room
Fallen Gods: Materica - Aureum NEW RELEASE available at the Around the World Event
/Wasabi Pills/  Kylee Mesh Hair - Seafoam - Blonds Pack 250L
Taken at the Red Planet