Tekeli-li - Annual Halloween Sale Until November 1st

Hi all. It is time for one of my most anticipated events of the year - the annual 1/2 price sale on everything in the Tekeli-li store - including NEW RELEASE mesh items! This store - if you haven't been there - has the best fantasy jewelry, jewelled silks, and jewelled fantasy hair on the grid. The designs are unique and beautiful. 
There are also some great Freebies and 1L items to be had. Don't miss the great free Halloween hair style out only until Halloween!

Ashtoreth by Tekeli-li: - Limited Colors Edition Halloween 2012 -Witchlight - FREE

Crystalic Hair by Tekeli-li: - Scripted - 50% off until Nov. 1st
Crystalism by Tekeli-li:- Metal Bikini Top - 50% off until Nov. 1st
Crystalism by Tekeli-li: - Full Jewelry Set -  50% off until Nov. 1st
Crystalism" by Tekeli-li: - Belt   - 50% off until Nov. 1st
Ibanez AquaGlow Eyes - Blue Crab (not free)
 F I L T H Y : Maria.bronze.07 October monthly skin gift - only a few more days to get this (199L to join)
Bottom pose: Adorkable at Zodiac