Fling Fairs Bring Surprises!

Hey Guys! 
Its Zoey Caeran from Once Upon a Time!
 Pip has invited me to be a guest blogger on her awesome blog, so from time to time your gonna see me pop up. I promise to be bring lots of goodies with me!  
Okay Enough about me, Lets see some of the hunt goodies I scored last night at The October Fling Fair
Your Looking for Pumpkins for $0L

  { Picture 1 }
Outfit : Summer Camisk Halloween Edition - Dream Things
Boots : Dietrish Nouveau Black $0L @ ATHOR ( Not a fair item) 

{ Picture 2 }
Outfit : Ava - Sweet Pea
Boots : Same as Picture 1 

{ Picture 3 }
Outfit : Gorean Lingerie - May's Soul


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