Home & Garden Expo 2012 - Kismet

Hi all. Was just at the Home & Garden Expo 2012 and there are some lovely things to be had, and some of the items also benefit Relay for Life. So head down to the Home & Garden Expo 2012 is you are in the market for gorgeous home items, you want to see what is new, or just want to feast your eyes on the best home and garden items that SL has to offer. I really was impressed with the things from Kismet . 

Kismet is on the Dreamseeker Home Expo 12

Kismet : Three Sisters Garden Ornaments RFL item

Kismet : Highclerce Garden Bird Bath (animated)  RFL item

Kismet : Highclerce Manor Formal Garden RFL item, (includes formal knot garden, walls, paths and shrubs) buildings not included!

The  Highclerce Manor is the largest manor house that Kismet has ever released.  See the full write up on this home at: http://kismetdesign.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/new-release-highclere-manor-house/
The Highclere Manor House is a total of 1609 prims and measures 55 meters wide, 60 meters long, and 30 meters high. It is best suited for a 1/4 sim parcel or larger, a homestead, or full sim.
The Gatehouse for this Manor is also available as a RFL item.

Kismet : NEW RELEASE Highclerce Manor  (this this quite amazing & lovely)

Kismet : Highclerce Manor looking from the Great Hall to the grand entrance

Kismet : Highclerce Manor Great Hall

Kismet : Highclerce Manor Dining Room

Kismet : Highclerce Manor Dining Room Master's Bedroom

Kismet : Highclerce Manor Top Floor