Evie's Closet - 1/2 price SL Marketplace Petite Outfits Sale

Hi all. Aren't most women interested in fantasy wear in SL lifetime members of the Evie's Closet group? If so you have already got the message from Evie that there is a great petite outfit sale on right now on SL Marketplace. All Petite NEW RELEASES (that is newly shrunk down Petite outfits...and they are drool worthy) are now 1/2 price on SL Marketplace...so buy and if you love the outfit...review review review. Some lovely samples of what you can find for great prices below....

*EC* Tuala - Petites - Tryst

*EC* Tuala - Petites - Tryst 185L SL Marketplace

*EC* Damselfly - Petite - Peridot

*EC* Damselfly - Petite - Peridot 185L SL Marketplace

*EC* Elizabeth Gown - Petite - Purple

*EC* Elizabeth Gown - Petite - Purple 195L  SL Marketplace

*EC* Milli Dress - Petites - Pudding

*EC* Milli Dress - Petites - Pudding 195L on SL Marketplace