Arwen's Creations - Lucrezia in the Library with Poison

Hi all. Arwen's Creations has a gorgeous NEW RELEASE gown Lucrezia, inspired by the legendary Lucrezia Borgia, the often maligned renaissance beauty. It is available in 25 colours, and has many wearing options, including 3 skirt options, several top options, a matching veil, and 5 sizes of mesh sleeves, with a non-mesh sleeve option as well. It also comes with headdress, jewelry and medieval shoes and matching eyes. It is incredibly detailed and so lovely! Thank you Arwen! And I got to play the poisoner which was fun....

Arwen gave some background on Lucrezia: The "Lucrezia" Collection is  inspired by the Italian Renaissance and the daughter of Rodrigo Borgia who became Pope Alexander VI.   She was noted to have golden blond hair, hazel eyes and a graceful form.  Lucrezia's story is fascinating and complex.  She was used as a pawn and married off several times to secure political alliances.  After 2 failed marriages, she was married to Afonso d'Este, the Prince of Ferrarra and became the Duchess of Ferrarra.  I invite you to learn more about Lucrezia by watching this video:

Lucrezia is displayed in the Gallery at the store.

Arwen's Creations: Lucrezia in Baby Blue (shown with mesh sleeves & Skirt 2, and jacket layer)

Arwen's Creations: Lucrezia in Baby Blue with Skirt One & non-mesh sleeves, and jacket and undershirt options removed.
Hair: Fantavatar & MOONSTRUCK !! Spring Song Blonde
Skin: [Ill] Illusory Skin - Love_Milk - Daydream Collabor88 88L special on now
Pose Prop: Love Me Brutal SL Marketplace Dollarbie (unfortunately the chaise without the apples does not work)
Adorkable free emoter on SL Marketplace
Poses: Exposeur/Atooly
Talevin's Designs: Magic Potions Roleplaying Set SL Marketplace

Location: Selidor


  1. Thank you so much for bringing "Lucrezia" to life! You totally captured her deadly innocence. What a pleasure to see you in the gown and how beautifully you created a story in pictures! All my best, Arwen


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