Silk Worms - RFL Items - Bath Girl

Hi all. Silk Worms is one of my favourite Gorean stores. I am one of the official bloggers for this store for the Fantasy Faire 2012.

Silk Worms is on the Shadows Claw sim

Silk Worms~~MO~~Bath Girl Sheer RFL item (there is also a less sheer version for RFL)

/Wasabi Pills:/ Sybille Mesh Hair - Rye  (Wasabi Pills is on the gorgeous The Tides Sim)
Skin: Natural Beauty-Summer-Rainbow-special edition 75L Lazy Sunday Special

Dagger: Trident Rune Priest Dagger (if you Pray at the alter in the Shadow Claw Sim, you get sent the dagger (and other alter items for free) The Trident store is on the Shadow Claw sim...