The White Armory- Mist of Fuji

Hi all. Lovely group gift gown from The White Armory this week (as usual). Free to join the group, but you need to request an invitation. 

The White Armory: Mist of Fuji Gown Group Gift 0L

[Ill] Illusory Skin - Love_Caramel - Organic 88L at  Collarbor88 
(this is the last week of this round, a new one will start April 12th-ish)
Hair:  Tekeli-li! dark artistry: Hathor: Abalone (with colour changing metals & gems)in 5 colours 3rd Annual Crazy Hair Hunt Gift 0L
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Candy Shop: Freebies pack February Caramel (only at Candy Shop, the March gift is at the Main Store location)