Fantasy Faire 2012 - Skinthesis Petites

Hi all. This is the year for petites at the Fantasy Faire 2012 and Skinthesis has just released some great ones. Cane Sutter has been producing NEW RELEASES for each day of the Faire so far. Wow!
Day 1Skinthesis - Petites - Dualities Elementals & Skinthesis - Tattoo Layer Makeups - Flights of Fantasy & Skinthesis - Tattoo Layer Makeups - Tintable Eyeshadows
Day 2: Skinthesis - Luna Flexi Wings in Petite & Regular size, Skinthesis - Petite -Tom Thumb (Human Ears) & Skinthesis - Petite -Thumbelina Human Ears
Day 3: NEW RELEASES: Skinthesis - Petite  Tiny Dolly - Effigy &
Skinthesis - Tiny Dolly Plain with Bits
Day 4:  NEW RELEASES Skinthesis - Dualities male petites.

She is having a Day 5 release as well and I can hardly wait!!

Skinthesis is on The Tides Sim.

Skinthesis has a few freebies at the Faire - they are participating in the Fantasy Faire Hunt & they have free petite eyes out. 

Skinthesis - NEW RELEASE Tattoo Layer Makeups - Flights of Fantasy RFL Item

Petite: Skinthesis NEW RELEASE Petite Mesh Avatar_Obsidian RFL Item 

Petite: Skinthesis NEW RELEASE Thumbelina (Human Ears_Tanning) there are a bunch of versions

Skinthesis: Poppet Outfit Lavender - for Petites
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Monique: Orchid/Powder Petite Mesh  (Wasabi Pills is on The Tides Sim)