Fantasy Faire 2012 - Fairewinds Hunt - a few things - Part One

Hi all. Some great gifts for the Fairewinds Hunt as part of the Fantasy Faire 2012...sorry this is so belated.
The Fantasy Faire 2012 runs until April 30th so you have this last day. You need to purchase a HUD to participate and find 8 shards- one for each FF Sim...once you have found the shard for the sim you can collect the gifts that are in books in participating stores. There is also a bunch of  end gifts if you have collected all the shards and at least one book from each sim. I haven't  got that far, as I have been a bit under the weather this week...but this is not a huge hunt, and has high quality gifts. There is a lovely collar from Evie's Closet as well.

Fallen Gods: Parchment Overlays: Librarian Layers (with body overlays & face tattoo) FF2012  Hunt Gif...since I am a Librarian in RL is extra wonderful to me. (Fallen Gods is on The Tides Sim)

Dream Things: Aravah in Pink outfit  (two skirt options) FF2012  Hunt Gift (Dream Things is on the Shifting Sands Sim)

Curious Kitties: Azil Light Sparkle Skins all tones and Elven Dress (MESH) in chocolate FF2012  Hunt Gift (Curious Kitties is on the Devil's Locket Sim)

Hyperborean: Into The Night Boots FF2012  Hunt Gift (Hyerborean is on the Shadows Claw Sim)
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Teeloh (New Release for Fantasy Faire 2012) Golden (Wasabi Pills is on The Tides Sim)