Twisted Hunt Spring 2012 - Avatar Bizarre & Heartsick

Hi all. More great Twisted Hunt Spring 2012 Hunt Gifts. This time from Avatar Bizarre & Heartsick. As usual great gifts from both these wonderful creators!

Avatar Bizarre: Arcane Sorceress Twisted Hunt Spring 2012 Hunt Gift

Skin : Heartsick:  Desire: Muse: The Seeker (3 tones) Twisted Hunt Spring 2012 Hunt Gift
Heartsick: Topper Twisted Hunt Spring 2012 Freebie
Heartsick: Tarot Card Noms (The Lovers) Twisted Hunt Spring 2012 Gift
Hair: Tameless Hair: Amelia: Auburn: 1L Wall

Avatar Bizarre: Arcane Sorcerer Twisted Hunt Spring 2012 Gift

Skin: Heartsick: Liam - 6 - The Seeker Twisted Hunt Spring 2012 Gift (w/ tattoo, hairbases, tarot cards)
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Reptilia: Deep Ocean (NOT FREE) but one of my favs