The Plastik - Dollarbie Goodies @ Fashion for Life

The Plastik has a 1L special bag out at Fashion for Life to the visitors that has skins, tattoos, and jeans tops and a dress in it. Thank you!!
The Plastik can be found on Dreamseekers Aika sim.

Skin: :[Plastik]:Fingerprints-Story (with ears/eyes/several skin options) (part of 1L goodie bag) there are also 2 other tones of this, one a great blue
Dress: :[Plastik]: Airen:-Grey (part of 1L goodie bag)

I am a big fan of the tattoo series Soul Ink Reloaded that was recently released. A few of these are in the 1L bag.

:[Plastik]:-Soul Ink Reloaded://Fuin (part of 1L goodie bag)
Skin: :[Plastik]:-Muted Ataciara Skins-Honeycomb (not free) at FFL

:[Plastik]:-Soul Ink Reloaded://Grow  (part of 1L goodie bag)

:[Plastik]:-Soul Ink Reloaded://Indian  (part of 1L goodie bag)

:[Plastik]:-Soul Ink Reloaded://Jana  (part of 1L goodie bag)
Hair: Sugarsmack: Kiran Honey Biscotti: (Not Free)