Dream Things Lucky Chair & Hunt prizes

Hi all. Very cute lucky chair prize from Dream Things & a couple of hunt gifts.

*~ Dream Things ~* Marisa in Seafoam Lucky Chair Gift

*~ Dream Things ~* Julie in Purple 10L A Time For Light Treasure Hunt Gift 

*~ Dream Things ~* Beauty & the Freak Hunt (with makeup layer) 0L
Boots: ::{MV}:: Acolyte Blue Lucky Chair Gift
Skin: ::NBGG:: (Nvious) Lua Sunkissed Glow FFL Relay for Life Item (not free but lovely) hurry this ends in 2 days!! DreamSeeker Momentum 
Hair: Vixen Hair - Shadow - Red Collection 100L Store Closing Sale!!! 100L colour pack, 250 Fat Pack...nice braids for RP at this store..