Curious Kitties - Breezy Royal Elven Dress & Royal Elven Princess Skins

Hi all. Great deal at Curious Kitties right now. If you buy any colour of the NEW RELEASE Breezy Royal Elven Dress for just 300L you also get a present of full pack of Azil (Limited Edition Present) Royal Elven Princess Skins with the outfit. These are cute skins! Also available is the new group gift of matching boots, and if you pick up the Royal Elven Dress in Yellow they match...yay!

 Curious Kitties: Breezy Royal Elven Dress - Yellow  300L 
Curious Kitties: Royal Elven Boots Group Gift 

Curious Kitties: Azil (Limited Edition Present) Royal Elven Princess Skins (included in Breezy Royal Elven Dress package for FREE!!!!)
 Curious Kitties: Nyanotech Hair [Type B] - Livia V3 FREE!!