Caverna Obscura - Free Petite Mesh Avatar

Hi all. Caverna Obscura has put out  two free Minikins Mesh Avatars (costume & hair not included) in two sizes 0.3 size and 0.4 size. The 0.4 size corresponds better with the standard petite size for Wasabi Pills hairs etc. but is not an absolute match - so will not fit most petite clothes, as Elvina warns. The 0.3 is even smaller. If you want to try out the petite look for free this is the time, as I don't know how long these will be out. The avatar comes with a colour changing hud that lets you pick a bunch of skin tones - a very nice feature! I don't often blog Caverna Obscura stuff but I love and lust after her stuff very frequently. There are some lovely items next to the freebie avatars that can be downsized to fit (corrected). There are also free bikini sets in front of the avatars in numerous colours so you  can fly about with something on. 
Thanks Elvina Ewing!!

Caverna Obscura Free Mesh Avatar 0L