FebruarLicious Hunt - BeautyCode & SURROGATES & Lyrieals

Hi all. Did a bit of the FebruarLicious Hunt and found these goodies! Hunt ends Feb. 29th...so you have a few more days...

.::BeautyCode::. Skin Winona - Silver Cateye FebruarLicious Hunt Gift

SURROGATES: Lisa Light 4 FebruarLicious Hunt Gift

Lyrieals - Exquisite Dress FebruarLicious Hunt Gift
 Hair: Lamb: NEW RELEASE  Oleander - Duo Pack Mermaid 300L colour pack (4 versions)


  1. Alas, Surrogates is closed for the time being.

    1. Oh too bad...it was open on the weekend when I picked up this lovely skin...when did it close? Do you know any details?


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