Curious Kitties Valentine Freebie Gifts - YAY

Hi all. Curious Kitties has some Valentine Freebies on SL Marketplace & in the store. She always has such great seasonal things yay! The skins were also available last year...but are so great! Thank you Ameshin Yossarian!

Curious Kitties - MESH  LIMITED EDITION - Valentine Poof Dress SL MarketplaceMesh * =^.^= Curious Kitties - LIMITED EDITION - Valentine Poof Dress

Curious Kitties [FREE] Group Gift – Valentine Poof Collar

Curious Kitties - FREE *Limited Edition* Sweetly Blushing Azil Valentine Skins SL Marketplace =^.^= Curious Kitties - FREE *Limited Edition*Sweetly Blushing Azil Valentine Skins

Curious Kitties [FREE] Group Gift – Silver Simple Lace Boots