Shack Orb Hunt - Last Day Jan.22nd

Hi all. This hunt started on Friday but I am so behind so my apologies. There are male and female prizes. Find 38 orbs in all, evenly split between male and female prizes. The orbs are hidden through the store and the whole sim, including the village. The outfits are split between two orbs so you have to find both. Lucky boards are also newish so have fun. I will show some new LB outfits next week. There are some nice panther outfits as well.

The Shack: #22 & #23 Orb Prize

The Shack: #3 & #4 Orb Prize

Adam N Eve: E skin (in tribute to Etta James) free until Jan 23rd
Adam N Eve: Dragonell Eyes free Darkglen eyes in demo
 Hair: Vixen Hair: Vanity: Raven Lucky Chair Prize 0L