Romi Skins - 3rd Anniversary Gift & Wishbox Lucky Chair

Hi all. One of my favourite skin makers on the grid Romi Skins has their new 3rd Anniversary skin out for group members. Romi has closed group membership off for now, but this skin is on a Lucky Board. My alt has never ever let her Romi membership lapse, and if you are a member there is a group lucky board as well for you to plunder! The store was just redesigned yesterday so go have a look! There is also a new Discount section where deals are to be had!

Romi Skins: 3year anniversary gift 

Wishbox: State Fair (Yellow) NEW Lucky Board Dress
Hair: D!va: "Yuri3" (Ruby) Lucky Board Gift 
Pose: D!va: Stand 50 0L (find some free poses upstairs with other group Gifts)
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes: Liquid Eyes: Pear NEW RELEASE Sample pack group gift
Halfwraith own.