Super Bargain Saturday - Heartsick & Silent Sparrow Lucky Board Prize

Hi all. Lovely skin with elf ears in two styles from Heartsick on the Super Bargain Saturday line-up today. As well I wanted to show you the group lucky board prize from Silent Sparrrow. I have been a member there since I joined SL 3 years ago, and have never let my membership lapse. It is 250L to join. There is a group gift out right now.

Heartsick: Deity : Ciel : Cloud Busting SBS Super Bargain Saturday 60L

Silent Sparrow: (sweety) Lucky Bird Suite w/ tattoos (need to be in the group - 250L to join)
Hair: Wasabi Pills: NEW RELEASE Miu: Nightshadow 250L a colour pack
Boots: Rfyre BLACK GUARD II WOMENS BOOTS (not free)