Group gift from Delicious and FTLO Halloween items from Acide!

Hi all. Lovely free pixie outfit out at Delicious right now. There is also a second pixie outfit in Turquoise that is also free at Delicous right now. As well Acide! has some great items for just 100L for the FTLO Halloween Event - some Pumpkin Ears & a skin [Katcide] Laura - Night - Light Freckles.

Delicious: Orange Pixie 0L

Skin: Acide!: [Katcide] Laura - Night - Light Freckles for the FTLO Halloween Event 100L
Ears: Acide!: Pumpkin Ears for the FTLO Halloween Event 100L
Poses: ::Squeek!:: Winged Poses 6 for 75L
Hair: Amacci Hair ~ Danina Natural Copper 0L for a colour pack (at the Hair Only Mall)