Great 4L Skins @ 4.44.444 plus .:ellabella:. & Wasabi Pills

Hi all. Here are some great 4L skins I found at the 4.44.444  Event. I really liked a lot of items at this event so I will be blogging more...stay posted. The Chain & Vine skin is a really great deal as this is a beautifully made everyday skin at a wonderful price. This skin maker is really starting to rock!
The hair in all these pics is a Wasabi Pills offering for 44L & the piercing is an amazing deal from .:ellabella:. for only 4L! 

Chain & Vine: Loie Excel Redhead 4.44.444 Event 4L (comes with busty option/there is a brunette eyebrow/and blonde eyebrow option skin also each for 4L)

Mango, Mango! Stayed Up Blogging Skin: Black Freckles 4.44.444 Event 4L 
comes with eyebrow options & freckle options
(I love the name of this skin..I can relate)

w/o Freckles

[ths] gry [Zarffyn] aperture 4.44.444 Event 4L -comes with white or black eyebrow options-
I really like these light skinned drow skins..and love that they come with white eyebrows!)

[ths] gry [Zarffyn] polychrome 4.44.444 Event 4L (comes with white or black eyebrow options)

.:ellabella:.  Precarious mouth piercing & jewelry  4.44.444 Event 4L (she has a 444L item & a 44L item as well)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Chloe Hair - Crystal azure  4.44.444 Event 44L (there are two other colours available)