Twisted in the Wash -The Secret Shelf & Wash Cart Specials

Hi all. Great outfit from The Secret Shelf on the Twisted Hunt Fall 2011.

The Secret Shelf: The Archivist Twisted Hunt Fall 2011 Gift (comes with a shape not worn)

The Boots, Skin & Pose though are from the Bi-annual Wash Cart Sale on right now. Nothing is over 10L on the carts! Have a walk around to see some really great deals...
Skin: B[u]Y Me Nylah Skin: Temptation 9L
Pose: AAA Poses: 5 Witchy Bitchy Model Poses 10L
Boots: Battle Fairy: My Dragon Black 10L (OMG everything on the Battle Fairy Cart is so amazing!!)
Hair & Beret: EMO-tions: Patrick Black Current Moolto Hunt Prize