Twisted Hunt Fall 2011 - Blue Blood &:{MV}:

Hi all. Yes the hardest and suckiest and bestest hunt of the Fall is on right now if you love all things gothly, and while the sweat pops out on my brow...the prizes so far are pretty great. I will confess I have never done this entire hunt, I tend to fly to the stores I really like, cause it does take a long time to find things...the theme is for the elf and fae and fantasy lover this is going to be wonderful I can I may have to hit every store after all...I have only 28 days left. Twisted Hunt Fall 2011 Sept 1-30th. Billed as the hardest hunt in SL it often lives up to it reputation...but the line of vendors and gifts are amazing!

:{MV}:: (Malfean Visions) Arcadian Women's Twisted Hunt prize (avatar with skin, eyes, tail, lamp and legs, and antlers) The skin is very cool and has great purple swirls...
There is also a male prize not shown Twisted Hunt Fall 2011 Gift

Dress: Blue Blood: Night Spell women Twisted Hunt Fall 2011 Gift (there is also a male prize not shown)

Hair: Wasabi Pills NEW RELEASE Ryoko Hair Night Shadow 250L colour pack

Hair: Wasabi Pills NEW RELEASE Ryoko Hair Orchid 250L colour pack