Twisted Hunt Fall 2011 - Avatar Bizarre

Hi all. Bang on gorgeous gift from Avatar Bizzare for the Twisted Hunt Fall 2011...took me a wee bit of time to find it but it is well worth it.

Avatar Bizarre: Bean-Sidhe Suit Forest Twisted Hunt Fall 2011 Gift

Avatar Bizarre: Bean-Sidhe Gown Forest Twisted Hunt Fall 2011 Gift
 Hair (Male) Wasabi Pills: Kiki Act II Powder (Not Free)
Skin (male) Re.Birth: Unseelie Kolbold Male (with Unseelie eyes: Icey Gaze: big) Twisted Hunt Fall 2011 Gift 
Skin (Female) Re.Birth: Skin Mal-de-mer Female Unseelie Twisted Hunt Fall 2011 Gift (skin, Medusa eyes, tons of cleavage options) 
Hair: Alice Project - Elsie IV - White 04 (Lucky Chair prize)
Poses: Helamiyo: Look in the Sky 1L
Shot at Bewitched Sim