More Mesh from Curious Kitties

Hi all. Some Mesh Freebies & Cheapies from Curious Kitties. I already blogged a free Curious Kitties mesh elf dress which is available on SL Marketplace.

Note from Amishi: They are Mesh, so they move much more smoothly with your body then older designs.

*Please note: you need to be using a mesh enabled viewer such as the latest official viewer ) for example.
[Curious Kitties SIM] is now mesh enabled so feel free to use it there & at many new locations!

 Curious Kitties - MESH Color Change Hair - Nyanotech Hair [Type A] - Fufu 0L  SL MarketplaceMesh * =^.^= Curious Kitties - Color Change Hair - Nyanotech Hair [Type A] - Fufu V3

 Curious Kitties - MESH Mystic Tree Avatar (8 colours available on the Marketplace) there is also a free demo- Blue 10L  SL Marketplace

*Mesh =^.^= Curious Kitties - Mystic Tree Avatar - Blue