Introducing "Gorean Room" - New Bi-Monthly Event

Hi all. Great new event for all those people who love gorean and fantasy clothes.
Gorean Room is a place where the best designers from Gor sell their creations for between 50L and 70L.  The products at the Gorean Room will change every 15 days. Here are my favs of the first round on this event. Subscribe to the group to get the update notices.

 Torvis Gorean Weapons: Sofia Claws Outlaw 70L

Voltai: Homesk Red 70L

Unas: Minerva 70L

*Expensive* Kajira bag Camisk 50L

Swords & Sahara Designs: Aquiles Armor Brown 70L  

Sweet Lies Designs: Gypsy Salve 50L 

Smashin Fashion: Mylea Outfit 70L 

Painfully Divine: Herbalist Add On Set 50L 

Whatz: Pot Girl 50L

Damned: Elf Orange 70L

Severed Heart: Cao Boots 50L

May's Soul: Flour Girl 70L

Fallin dolls: Diana Hair 70L

Luas:  Lucia Silks Pink 50L

Tough: Rober Brown 70L