Featured Store - Elvenbreath - 50Ls Store

Hi all. Isn't it wonderful to know that one of the best fantasy wear stores on the grid, Elvenbreath, also has one of the best discount fantasy sections...happy sigh...
Elvenbreath's 50Ls Store has simply jaw droppingly gorgeous fantasy outfits that have been deeply discounted to only 50L. Here is a sample of what you can find there.

Elvenbreath: Water Drop Fae

Elvenbreath: Sulanda

Elvenbreath: Jasira

Elvenbreath: Nalani

Elvenbreath: Nimelir

Elvenbreath: Yilvina Black

Elvenbreath: Luna (no wings)

Elvenbreath: Leandra

 Elvenbreath: Aurelia
 Elvenbreath: High Elve Lyndwyn

Elvenbreath: Anodia

Elvenbreath: Obilee Purple

Elvenbreath: Obilee White Leather

Elvenbreath: Fairy of White Roses