Supernatural Hunt II @ PeKaS Designs, !Drakke!, Me-I & Abundantia

Hi all. Sorry I basically missed this hunt to my horror as I was not on SL much in July/August. Lovely items are to be had, but you have only a couple more days to hunt for them as the hunt is over on Augusr 31st. The hunt blog can be found at:

Lovely Fallen Angel outfits from PeKaS Designs for men & women. Great male and female boots from !Drakke!  Hair from Me-I Humanoidism, and cool eyes from Abundantia.

PeKaS Designs: Fallen angel1 Man Supernatural Hunt II Gift 
Boots: !Drakke! Men's "Underworld" Gothic Calf Boots (Black) Supernatural Hunt II Gift 

PeKaS Designs: Fallen angel1 woman Supernatural Hunt II Gift  
Boots: !Drakke! Women's "Bitten" Knee High Boots (Black) Supernatural Hunt II Gift 

Skin: Mamboo Chic: NEW Felicia group Gift (250L joining fee)
Hair: Me-I Humanoidism: Yang Hair Supernatural Hunt II Gift 
Eyes: Abundantia Evil Fire Eyes Supernatural Hunt II Gift

Bewitched of my favourite places to take photos in SL.