Kouse Sanctum August Gift

Hi all. Lovely lovely lovely August group gift from Kouse Sanctum. The gift is still in the group notices as of today, but I would hurry before it is gone. This has been out since last week. Thank you so much to newlywed Kouse Singh. There is a small (and new) group enrolment fee of 50L, but if you are already in the group it has not been charged. As well there is a wonderful 50L gown in the store.

Kouse Sanctum: Sheila, Jungle August group Gift (in notices) boots not included

Kouse Sanctum Sheila August group Gift in a plum shade for only 50L

Skin: Filthy August group gift Ivory (200L joining fee...but lovely monthly gifts)
Hair: A & A Cele Hair Blackberry August 18th voting gift - hurry this colour is on its last free day instore.
Boots: FM Shoes: Cyan Pony Boots (old hunt gift)