Silenced -Closing Sale - Nothing over 100L until June 20th

Hi all. Another sad day in SL - another of my fav newer stores is closing...Silenced is closing June 20th forever in SL as the owner Silent Acoustic is leaving SL...she says for good..I hope not as I think she is very talented...everything in the store is deeply...and I mean deeply discounted...Clothing is 25L - 50L with fatpacks for 100L, Skins are 100L, Hairs is 50L Makeups are  25L with the fatpack for 100L. I am not a huge jean wearer in SL but I do love well as being a fan of her skins & hair...

Silenced Whisper Skin Tan 100L (with a freckled option) (also in Pale)

Silenced Flow Gown White 50L (this also comes in black) this is very well done...
Silenced Jessa hair carrot 50L (single colour)

Here are  few of the other items...

All Hair 50L per hair colour

Skins: 100 per tone (reg. 650L)

Clothing: 50L

Tons of great jeans & leggings