Mystic Sky 50% on selected items until June 27th & One 100L mystery gown

Hi all. Great sale at Mystic Sky that ends Monday at 10:00AM SLT time. Each outfit has two colours that are discounted by 50%. This includes NEW RELEASES! There is also one 100L mystery gown...pic (but no name) below....cheers, Pips...oh and there is also a new lucky chair item...that when I actually win it...sob...I will show you...sobs a lil...

Ayra Gown: Cream 200L

Marian Gown: Pink 225L

Maria Gown: Purple 200L

Serendipity Gown: Purple 200L (this is the gown on the lucky chair...sobs anew)

Luana Hula Dancer: White 225L

Kahlan Gown: Ruby 225L

Mystery 100L gown...lovely!