Buster Keaton @ Avatar Bizarre - Last Day of the HWofF Hunt

Hi all. I am a huge fan of Buster Keaton (& Avatar Bizarre) so bringing them together makes me quite happy :-) This is the last day of the Hollywood Walk of Fame Hunt 2 so hurry.

Avatar Bizarre: Buster Keaton Hollywood Walk of Fame Hunt Gift 0L (hair & shape not included)

If you are a Charlie Chaplin fan instead of Keaton (and there is a divide) them head to Cilian'gel.. she has a Chaplin avatar available as well a Clara Bow inspired dress...

Cilian'gel: 1920's 'Got Clara?' - Hollywood Walk of Fame Hunt Gift 0L
ETD Shoes: Round Toe Mary Janes (Black) (store closed)
Skin: Acide!: Melina Tan Group Gift (0L to join group)
Hair: Me-I Humanoidism: Maz (recoloured) Lucky Board Prize 0L