50% Sale at Conspiracy - Roleplaying Wonders

Hi all... great sale at Conspiracy. Most items are in the 175L range. The clothes are very well made and fit beautifully. There is also a dress (6 colour options) on at only 25L today only as part of the 25L Tuesday event. Thanks to Devilness for telling me (and going shopping with me)! The silks and camisks and panther gear is also on sale if that is your thing... 

Sara: 25L (6 colours) (25L Tuesday Special) (I got the pale blue it is so pretty!)...I might add a pic later today to the post so you can see...

Courtesan Green: 100L (two other colours available)

Gwindel Dress: 175 per colour

Elena Dress: 175 per colour

Pirate Wench: 175L per colour

Pirate Shoes: 75L

Dragette Outfit 175L

Ripped:  175L