30 Linden Saturday -June 25th - Pip's Pick's

Hi all...here are my picks for this sale...

Junbug: Bambi (30L each colour)

PeKaS: Judge (woman)

On a Lark: Strap Sandals (various colours)

Voltai: Omega Brown: Several colours

On a Lark: Days of the Sun II (various colours)

Black Cat Bones: Girl Floral

Una & Luas: Damned Panther

Riverdog Trading Company: Bondsmaids Kirtle

White Noise: Minerva Roman Slave Tunic in Purple 

Thistle do: Palm Streak Tattoo

Raidspot: Folky Blue

Arachne: Exotica Slave Sandals

Whatz: Morning Suntan Skin (has lots of outfits this out this week & a skin)

Whatz: behind Words Teal