Midnight Mania Boards @ Artisan's Merchants Village & Elven Ruins Market

Hi all. What is this magick & a little bizarre place I have discovered....her eyes widened! Pip's found a wee bit of heaven...

Some Midnight Mania boards at Artisan's Merchants Village &  the next door Elven Ruins Market have some really wonderful  prizes ....explore Old World forest and take in a eclectic scenes...

Sub Rosa: Raven Rosebud (this is a lovely silks set suitable for an elf)

Bean Sidhe : Jolene

Next Door is Elven Ruins Market

Tayren's Fantasy Fashions: Medieval Queen in Gold
 By Dance Creations: Leaf Fairy (next to Hig's)

Elven Crafts: Elven Maiden's Dagger

This is outside the Angels & Daemons shop...lovely wings

There are also lucky boards in both markets.

Pick up these deals while you are there!
Bean Sidhe: Cecile Gold Fairy Dress 10L (a sapphire necklace is included)

I won this Nite Fae costume on the Lucky Boards..outfits vary and also vary in quality...0L

There are also a few freebies...cute free wings from Higs

Madison's Creations: Lady in Waiting (I blogged this from another store branch) 0L

Tangwystyls Treasures: Leaves of Copper