Skin & Shape Expo 2011 - Freebies & Gifts

Hi all. There are some great free and 1L gift items at the The Skin & Shape Expo 2011
I am not sure all of them were out yet...and I may have missed some cause it was laggy....SLURL's corrected....

The skin and shape expo opens on May 10th and runs through the 20th. Each creator has an item out with 50% of the proceeds going to Direct Relief International. Designers in Sl are so generous!!

Skin:  Idiosyncrasy Natasha Sepia Skin & Shape Expo Gift 1(I love grey skins of all kinds as you may have been able to tell) (at The Skin & Shape Expo 2011)
Lashes: Amacci - Eye Tattoo Divine Lavender Lash Skin and Shape Expo - Goodie Bag! 0L  (at The Skin & Shape Expo 2011This goodie bag has 2 pairs of eyes, 4 tattoo lashes, prim lashes, and two lips tattoo makeups..thank you!
Eyes: Exodi : Eyes Calico (large): Skin Fair 2011 Gift #2 (5 colours of eyes in two sizes..ty!!) Skin Fair SLURL:
Hair: *Rock Candy*: Passion: Black Hairstyles Free for Expo 0L(at The Skin & Shape Expo 2011) this comes in 5 colours, and a male or unisex style Andre that also comes in 5 colours) ty!!

Exodi : Dael Necklace/Earrings Skin Fair 2011 Gift #1

Skin:  Idiosyncrasy Natasha Black & White Skin & Shape Expo Gift 2 (at The Skin & Shape Expo 2011)

Lashes: Amacci - Eye Tattoo Divine Grey Lash Skin and Shape Expo - Goodie Bag! 0L  (at The Skin & Shape Expo 2011
Eyes: Adam n Eve Eyes: Fuji : Gift Shape & Skin Expo 0L (at The Skin & Shape Expo 2011) This gift has eyes, a beauty spot tattoo, cool tribal eye tattoo, nails, and toe nails..ty!

Skin: Nuuna's Skins Expo freebie! Love the eyebrows! (there are two versions of this)
Eyes: ~Moonlight Shapes~ Free Eyes: Gray Expo Gift Box 0L

Skin: ALEIDA: Vega Pale (with Vega Freckles nice) Expo Gift 0L
(there are three skins with various cleavage/hb options) this is gorgeous too

Skin: S@R w005 Thanks Skin ...this really is lovely I think

Skin:  Esk-Imo : Gift for Expo, Skin #9 - Tan B - The Pink Butterfly 0L ... and another great one! (at The Skin & Shape Expo 2011)
Eyes: Amacci: Real Eyes: Hypnotic Big Free Goodies Bag 0L 
Hair: *Rock Candy*: Passion: Carrot Brown Hairstyles Free for Expo 0L

Eye Tattoo: Adam n Eve Tribal Eye TattooGift Shape & Skin Expo 0L
Hair: *Rock Candy*: Andre: White Hairstyles Free for Expo 0L 

Shape: Moonlight Shapes~ Carla Shape Expo Gift Box 0L (there is also a male shape & free eyes)

Shape: TANSY TULIP - 5'3" - FREE Magic Avi Shape Gift 0L
Magic Avi Shapes –

As well there are other freebies & Dollarbies...Tops from La Petale, pretty eye makeups from Leafy, & Mock Cosmetics has a dollarbie with makeups, Rockberry has eyes, Dollarbie hippy tattoos tattoos from Oceane's Body Boutique,  Free universal cleavage from No, Shape it up & Shapes by Mim: Eyebrows. I think there is also a free shape from Ample..I didn't get to the store...Oh and a mystery gift box from glow..that wasn't active yet....can't wait!
Thank you to all the creators!!!
Fab Free has a link to all the vendors here: