Freebies of the Day - May 19th, 2011 - Grimorio & Me-I & Perception

Hi all. There are some lovely some freebies & cheapies at Grimorio Creations

Grimorio Creations: Green Velvet 0L

Hair: Me-I Humanoidism: Angel E Lucky Board prize

Grimorio Creations: Red velvet 0L

Hair: Me-I Humanoidism: Bella Braid Black Lucky Board prize 0L

There is also a 10L gown at Grimorio's.

Grimorio Creations: Eagle blue 10L (this is the latest opening gift...was 0L but is now 10L)

Hair: Me-I Humanoidism: She-Wolf Group gift 0L

Grimorio Creations:  Lady Unicorn 1L
Hair: Me-I Humanoidism: AdvantG:Ribbon 1L

Grimorio Creations:  Yellow Witch 1L
Hair: Me-I Humanoidism: AdvantG 1L

Skin: Perception: May Flowers (in makeups: summer, winter & autumn, spring) Group gift 0L. Group is free to join until the end of the month, after that it will be 100L.

There is also a freebie on the counter at Grimorio's that I could not access....called Viola -if you know how to get it send me an IM :-)