Freebie of the Week May 8th, 2011 - The White Armory - The Red Queen

Hi all another gorgeous gown from The White Armory this week as the group gift. 

 'Do you know Languages? What's the French for fiddle-de-dee?'
'Fiddle-de-dee's not English,' Alice replied gravely.
'Who ever said it was?' said the Red Queen.
Alice thought she saw a way out of the difficulty this time. 'If you'll tell me what language "fiddle-de-dee" is, I'll tell you the French for it!' she exclaimed triumphantly.
But the Red Queen drew herself up rather stiffly, and said 'Queens never make bargains.'
Chapter 9 - Queen Alice, Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll.
The White Armory: Royal Harmonia Gown 
Skin: Skinthesis Ethnic Samhain '09 Lucky Chair prize (today is closing) 0L
Hair: Curious Kitties Nyanotech 09-A Hair - Springtime V2 SL Marketplace 0L
Pose: Olive Juice: Red Queen 0L