Freebie of the Day - May 10th - Simply Britnee

Hi all. I have blogged this store before...but really have a look at the hair you can pick up at Simply Britnee ...the boards move quickly and there are lots of them. This took me less than an hour...

Simply Britnee: Campecina : Marron (special Mother Day Gift out for 24 hours) fat pack 0L

Simply Britnee: Trini : GoGo Black Lucky Board prize (fat pack) 0L

Simply Britnee: Reina: Cherry Lucky Board Fat Pack (long style)

Simply Britnee: Sata: Diablo Lucky Board Colout Pack

Simply Britnee: Laura Lynn: Fuego Lucky Board Colour Pack
Simply Britnee: La Voda I: Browntexture Lucky Board Colour Pack

Simply Britnee: Cherished 2: Red Red Lucky Chair Fat Pack

Simply Britnee: Flor: Crema Mini Mania Hair

Lucky chair, lucky boards, Mini Mania's, Midnight Mania's & prize bombs...and pretty great hair...what are you waiting for!