ChiChickie! & KRB Skins - Steals & Deals

Hi all....ChiChickie! is has two new freebies out at the store... one is a beautiful new skin made EXCLUSIVELY for ChiChickie! by KRB Skins and Things!

ChiChickie!: Gift Skin Azalea 0L
Hair: ChiChickie!:  Lealie Copper Lucky Chair Prize 0L

Mask: ChiChickie!:  Sea Mask Blue Crown with Pearls 0L
(hair not included)

ChiChickie! also has a new way of promoting new releases....each new release will be available for two days for 95L for a fatpack....right now there is one New Release still have until tomorrow to get it...

ChiChickie!: Lana Colour Pack 95L until midnight May 23rd.