50% sale at Tekeli-li until midnight

Hi all. There is a great sale on this weekend at Tekeli-li, the clothes, jewelry!!! wow, and hair are exceptional fantasy wear, and they have mermaid avatars too...most sets also come with a very great fantasy shape...

Outfit (buy two parts):  "Pohjola" by Tekeli-li - Armored Bikini Top (these are colour changing!!) 80L
"Pohjola" by Tekeli-li -  Bikini Bottom & Belt 80L  
Skin: Vogue Body Shop Subscribe Gift Adriana skin OUT OF SPACE 0L
Hair: Tekeli-li : Inanna- Monochromes: Silver 88L (a colour pack) 200L for fatpack, colour changing

 Outfit (buy two parts):  Tekeli-li : "Flora" by Tekeli-li - Belt 68L (again colour changing!)
Tekeli-li : "Flora" by Tekeli-li - Bikini 68L (shown with Flora shape)
Hair: Abysmal: Black (88L colour pack)

Armor sets are a fantastic deal at only 300L

Tekeli-li : Alecto: Brown 300L (6 colour choices)
Tekeli-li : Hair: Anemone Brown (neutrals pack 88L) Fatpack 200L

Tekeli-li : Alecto 300L (6 colour choices)

Tekeli-li : Vega 300L (6 colour choices)

Tekeli-li : Calypso 300L (6 colour choices)

Hair is AMAZING and only 88L a colour pack and 200 for a fatpack...here are a few styles

Boots are also 50% off