The White Armory - Freebie of the Week - April 17th -The White Queen

Hi all. This week's group gift from The White Armory is wonderful as usual. The gown has a fantastic train.
"Here the Red Queen began again. `Can you answer useful questions?' she said. `How is bread made?'
`I know that!' Alice cried eagerly. `You take some flour -- '
`Where do you pick the flower?' the White Queen asked. `In a garden, or in the hedges?'
`Well, it isn't picked at all,' Alice explained: `it's ground -- '
`How many acres of ground?' said the White Queen. `You mustn't leave out so many things.'
`Fan her head!' the Red Queen anxiously interrupted. `She'll be feverish after so much thinking.' So they set to work and fanned her with bunches of leaves, till she had to beg them to leave off, it blew her hair about so." 
Chapter 9 - Queen Alice, Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll.

The White Armory: Nastasia Gown
Hair: A&A : Paulina Hair Toffee April 15th, Voting Gift 0L
Skin: Style by Kira: Suzette Skin 01C Lucky Board Prize
Pose: Olive Juice: White Queen 0L